If You Have a Deep Desire to Master the
Craft of Acting...

Train with Larry online & learn to be simple, authentic and human. Become the actor, directors pray will walk through their door.

"Larry Silverberg is arguably the foremost master acting teacher of our time."

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Perfect for Beginners

Larry uncomplicates acting, he makes it both rigorous & fun. You'll be inspired to strive for excellence & learn the essential skills from day 1

Perfect for Professionals

Work with Larry and shed any old habits that are holding you back from being emotionally free, spontaneous, alive and real in every moment.

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Join actors from around the world in our revolutionary online training program and raise your acting to what Larry calls, "The Top 5%".

Wendy Davis, star of Army Wives & With Over 200 Hollywood Credits...
talks about why she studies with Larry!

The Mastery Mentorship Certificate Training Program

The 8 week online course where you get Total Access to Larry!

Business Mastery and Magic is a mastermind group that will give you the strategy, mindset work, accountability, and community you need. Together we will develop strategies for your business, set goals for exponential growth, bust through your mindset holdbacks, and grow your audience to explode your sales.

Raise your acting to what Larry calls, The Top 5%
Join actors from around the globe who come to Larry with a
profound desire to transform their craft...
Act with a new Passion, Heart & Soul that Takes their breath away!

With Your Commitment & Hard Work...

  • Learn the essential components of great acting as Larry takes you on a deep dive into working with profound meaning and a breath taking reality.
  • Learn a healthy & organic approach as you begin  making deep, intimate contact with your acting partners and unleashing your authentic self.
  • You will master the art of  living truthfully within the imaginary circumstances as you learn how to inhabit the world of the movie or play with simplicity, reality and humanity
  • You will start to fulfill the fundamental job of the actor, injecting the words of the script with human behavior that is alive with the vitality of life itself.
  • Every week, you get what we call, "total access" to Larry for guidance and feedback & you will have 4 one-on-one coaching sessions with Larry via Zoom.
  • Enjoy a new confidence as you establish the essential skills of working in moment to moment reality and responsiveness to your acting partners and to the world around you. 
  • You will gain the profound satisfaction of working in ways that breathe the true vibration of life itself which is unexpected, surprising and thrilling. 
  • Acceptance into the Mastery Program is based on an interview with Larry. This is a demanding program and consistent work is expected.

Here's the thing...
You can spend years trying to put the puzzle pieces together. Or, you can...

Learn a healthy, organic & dependable
way of working right now!

Say Hello To Larry!

Larry talks about the Mastery Program.

At the conclusion of the video, you can send Larry a question on video. Just use your phone, it's easy and a great way to get in contact with larry!

Massive Online Training

Exclusive online videos sessions, watch the work and then do the work. 8 weeks of rigorous, step-by-step lessons, done at your pace.

One-On-One with Larry

You will have "Total Access" to Larry during your training and you will also have 4, One-On-One Zoom coaching sessions for in-depth training!

Weekly Assignments

Every week, you will have challenging assignments to do, including video exercises and written reflections. Be ready to work!

Earn Your Certificate

We offer an Actor Certificate and a Teacher Certificate. At your interview, tell Larry which track you are interested in.

Program Fee:


One-time fee, USD 



3 Monthly Payments

"Larry writes as he teaches, in the most inspiring way you can imagine!"

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